Winchester Bankruptcy and Divorce Lawyer

In marriage, finances are one of the biggest things couples fight about. Unfortunately, many individuals who are struggling with their financial situation during the marriage find themselves in an even worse situation once the parties separate or there is a divorce.

We Offer Help for Bankruptcy Solutions After Divorce

Paying the monthly bills can be hard enough with two incomes, but after a divorce, many individuals find themselves struggling to pay for two households, paying for or having to live on limited income, or having issues receiving or paying child support and/or spousal support. Ultimately, the divorce can lead to one or both spouses being forced into seeking help in filing for bankruptcy to provide financial relief. A Winchester bankruptcy and divorce attorney can advise you about:

  • Chapter 7 and divorce
  • Chapter 13 and divorce
  • Bankruptcy and alimony
  • Foreclosure and divorce

If you are unable to maintain your financial obligations, it is important to work with a Winchester bankruptcy attorney who has experience in the financial problems facing people who have gone through a divorce. An attorney can help you regain control of your finances. At Parker & Associates, we have over 30 years of experience helping individuals use bankruptcy to find the fresh financial start they need.

Contact a Massachusetts Marital Debt Attorney

If you have been struggling to make ends meet since your divorce, we can help you file for bankruptcy. If you lost your job or had another significant change in your financial circumstances, we can help you find the resources you need to address the issues concerning child support or alimony payments. Learn more about how you can regain your financial footing by scheduling your free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. We can be reached online or by calling 781-218-3487.