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Bankruptcy can address debts that arise from credit cards and medical bills. These types of debts are generally able to be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or restructured through a Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding. A bankruptcy discharge can address many types of debt, including mortgage deficiency claims after foreclosure, balances on vehicle loans that were repossessed or surrendered, credit card debts and medical bills, as well as many other unsecured debts. Having to rely on a credit card due to the loss of a job, or getting numerous medical bills from an illness or sudden injury, can leave people in deep debt. Unfortunately, medical bills and credit card bills can be the types of debt that push people to file for bankruptcy. Luckily, bankruptcy can help and address these types of debts and help you move your life forward with a fresh start.

If you are facing overwhelming medical bills and credit card bills, do not despair. There is help available. At Parker & Associates, we have over 30 years of experience helping clients deal with their debt through bankruptcy. Our firm is sensitive to the needs of debtors, working closely with them to see that any solutions reached are in their best interests.

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Credit Card Bills

If you find yourself with growing credit card bills, you are not alone. The economic downturn has forced many thousands of individuals and families to use their credit cards in order to make ends meet and pay for necessities. In some situations, these bills can lead to creditor harassment and wage garnishment. However, you can make these collection actions stop by filing for bankruptcy. In most instances, once a bankruptcy is filed, an automatic stay goes into effect immediately, which stops all collection activities, including those directed at recovering funds outstanding on credit card bills.

Medical Bills

It is unfortunate that a chronic illness or sudden injury can leave a family facing thousands of dollars in medical bills, and lead them to exploring the possibility of bankruptcy in order to deal with the situation. Our firm has handled numerous cases for people who have overwhelming medical bills. We can answer your questions about how bankruptcy can help you address your medical bills. Medical bills can be part of a bankruptcy solution and the debts can be discharged or restructured, depending on whether the filing is for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 11. What chapter is right for you depends on many factors, including your ability to pay.

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